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Pastor Roger & Sister Shirley White

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Pastor Roger White's first introduction to Pentecost was in Sheffield, Alabama in 1948 at the age of six months. His Aunt stated that she knew that God had placed a call upon his life from the reaction of that six month old in the revival service.

It was the first introduction of his entire family to the Acts 2:38 message from which two uncles, an aunt, two cousins, along with himself would become preachers of the Apostolic Doctrine. He then began his ministry at the age of fifteen in Florence, Alabama at the Weeden Heights United Pentecostal Church.


He started preaching on the weekends. That summer he would preach revival meetings full time. In those early days he was usually accompanied by his sister, Vanessa, his mother, and cousin, Mabron (who would be a help through the years until his death). They sang as a group in the services he ministered in. 

After graduating high school at the age of sixteen, Pastor White began an extensive full time ministry that would cover most of the United States and parts of Canada.

He has pastored churches in Tennessee, Indiana, and Alabama, along with preaching camp meetings, missionary services, general conferences, and special services. He also served as District Secretary and Director of the Home Missions Department of a oneness Pentecostal Organization. Pastor White says he is  preacher who is sometimes a musician and singer.

Pastor White and his wife, Shirley, came to Pennsylvania to take over leadership at Full Gospel in the fall of 2021 and he says that he wants to continue to preach until....

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