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Pastor Gary Ratliff has served the Full Gospel Church as Senior Pastor since July 19, 2005.  He succeeded his father, the late Bishop Joe Ratliff, who served for the previous thirty-three years.  Prior to coming to Full Gospel, he pastored churches in Tennessee and Alabama.  With over thirty years as a minister and over twenty years serving as a Pastor, he brings a tenured level of qualified experience to serve our Congregation. Pastor Ratliff holds a Master of Theology degree.  


In addition to the normal duties of a Pastor, he has been actively involved in television, radio, jail and nursing home ministries.  He also served on the Executive Elder Board of a Church Organization and as the Bishop of Episcopal Affairs for the International Circle of Faith.  He also brings experience as former business owner with offices in eight states.  In addition to his blessings and successes, his past failures also provided a wealth of lessons as well as compassion and understanding to others.  One of his ways of showing his thankfulness for the grace, mercy and forgiveness of God, he feels both obligated and privileged to show the same to others.


Serving with him is Shwanda, his wife of over thirty years.  They have three grown children, Heather, Stephanie and Nathaniel and eleven grand children.  After serving in the Air Force for nine years, Gary was medically retired in 1985.  He is a strong patriot and supporter of our troops of current and past who stand to protect our freedom.   As a proud American, He does not condone all of the laws or customs of our society, but he allows such things to drive him to prayer.  


He has a great desire for the spiritual good of our community and surrounding areas but his vision for our congregation extends beyond our area.  He sees our local congregation as a part of Christ’s  ONE Church therefore our vision and the help in achieving that vision will involve and be a blessing to those outside of the Full Gospel.   It is with a great excitement for God that he endeavors to lead our congregation

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