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Church History

The Full Gospel Church of Kennett Square, Inc., enjoyed its beginning in 1955 by the late Pastor Edward Brack.

Following Pastor Brack were mighty men of God including Pastors Chester Collins, Frank Reedy, Willis Wise and Joe J. Ratliff.  Pastor Gary Ratliff has been serving the congregation for about 16 years now.  Odiously, none of these pastors would have known success had it not been for the Lord and the help and support of some of the most precious saints of God any Pastor could have hope for.

The years have produced many milestones for our church.  These have included the passing of each of the previous and beloved Pastors and so many dear saints.  While viewing their passing as their reward, they are still greatly missed.  We have also seen two additions to our church building and more recently, a total remodeling of the interior.

Among the greatest blessings of The Full Gospel Church has been its ability to assist in planting of many other churches both in the USA and other countries.  Our membership does not take such a rich heritage lightly.  We see it as a great blessing and realize that having received so abundantly places an obligation to continue in a like manner.  We understand that a vision is necessary not only for our survival, but also to participate in the work for the Kingdom of God that we are called to.  

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